We hope you are all safe. The medical office IS open but with reduced staff. We want to be available to our patients during this challenging period to answer their medical questions, take care of medication refills, discuss important results and generally help with your medical needs. We are also available to see the occasional patient in the medical office who has a problem not needing the services of the hospital Emergency Department. The aim is to prevent overloading the ER and reduce your potential exposure to the hospital environment.

Please use our portal to communicate with us or call our office at (408)358- 1811 for any problem or questions. Because of reduced staffing, there might be a wait. Please be patient and we will get to you.  If you don’t have portal access, please call the IT Helpdesk at (650)988-8366 to establish access.

Tele health visits are available.

Under the current "shelter in place" order we are offering "tele visits," as allowed by insurers such as Medicare.  To arrange this you will need to contact us through our El Camino Hospital MyCare portal.  If you do not have portal access, please call IT help desk at (650)988-8366 with a valid email to have an account issued.  Each family member must have a unique email.  If you have portal access but have forgotten your password, you will also need to contact the portal help desk at (650)988-8366 or  We strongly recommend that you activate your portal access and check it regularly for important medical information, especially during this time.

  • These are now covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.
  • You can request for one with a phone call to the office or by email on the Web Portal
  • When calling for a Tele health visit, here are a few pointers to make it more effective:
  • Have your problems listed so we can address them fully
  • A mobile phone, usually a smartphone works best for tele health to enable audio and video exchanges.
  • We can also offer apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and

Remember, if you have any question, call or email us. And be safe.